8) Old/Weird/NSFW Art

Extremely cringe and cursed furry art that I have. 18+ only please. WARNING: You WILL lose brain cells.

2008 August Panda Balloon

A piece of art that I made. I kinda...stopped pretty early on because I was impatient and being a perfectionist. Before August was a panda he was temporarily a panda-raccoon hybrid. Chronologically

Important Blum PSA

Another sticker for my increasingly cursed sticker pack. This one is based on a meme featuring chuck e cheese. No idea who the author is, but here's an example of it. Still not

Metofur Icon

Another random meme icon Polunpurrect made it at some point. There's a reference to "Seige" and Mr. Metokur's hat there. The text says "fat rubber wolf" iirc. I don't condone far-right extremism stuff

Happy New Year

A new years pic that I had completely forgotten about and just found. This would be around the same time as the panda pics very early on in this scraps gallery. Sometimes it's

Squeaky Blazer

Soon to be a sticker in Blum's second set. Squeaky wuffo's just vibing doing what he loves. Made by Zrcalo.