7) Artwork

Cute, clean, safe for work art work for good boys and girls to look at. This is stuff that I've either commissioned or have been gifted.

2020 Blum Icon

Polunpurrect did this for me earlier this year for my YouTube channel and such. Big floofy gay wolf lol

More Gift Art

Shasta the Husky got this pic of Blum for me from Ritz the Wolf. Thanks, I really appreciate it!

2020 Blum Fanart #2

FireSeekerA47 did this awesome piece. I love how edgy and insane I look. Those are the most detailed teeth I've ever had too, I'm certain.

Blum stickers!

These were drawn mainly by Zrcalo and PolUnpurrect. Many are pictures from my galleries turned into stickers, which you can find proper credit for by browsing my gallery (except in cases where the