Stalk me

Stalk me

This is a list of social media links that you can use to stalk me online. If you find another account, assume it's fake unless I state otherwise.

I upload my videos to these places:
YouTube channel
Minds account
Facebook page

I post most frequently here:
Telegram Channel
Minds account

I post my furry art to these sites:
InkBunny account
DeviantArt account

I post updates about videos here but more or less avoid using these sites:
Twitter account
Facebook page
Instagram account

I post horrible furry nightmare fuel on this page:
Furry Cringe Telegram channel [18+]

You can support my work on these pages:
Telegram supporter bot
Ko-Fi Page

You can DM me on Telegram if you really want to. I always love hearing from friends and fans (or other youtubers). If you DM me to whine about me/my content or demand I do things for you I'll ignore/block. My time is limited and I'm only looking for good vibes.

I don't have Discord anymore.