Re: Hector Bomb Libel

Re: Hector Bomb Libel

As a byproduct of stopping a nazifur movement within the furry subculture, I am a victim of a years-long harassment campaign perpetuated both by woke furries who used said nazifur movement to fearmonger and grift, as well as the nazifurs themselves which sought to directly spread a bigoted mindset. No good deed goes unpunished, and I often wonder why I made the mistake of ever giving a shit. Art by Zrcalo.

Every time a post of mine blows up on social media or I reach a new milestone on YouTube (or sometimes for no reason at all), some single-celled organism will decide that it's the funniest thing on the planet to dig up old disproven libel from 2017 and act like it's a brand new thing that everyone should totally be worried about guys. I'm posting about it here so I can refer to this page as needed.

It's suicide baiting, and I'm getting tired of dealing with this. I'm not going to exhaustively cover every detail of this ancient drama. Nor will I answer any questions about it. I'm here to shut down the core premise of what I call the "Hector libel" as efficiently as possible (and move on with my life). Because that's all that actually matters.

What is the Hector Bomb libel?

In 2017, a minor (called Hector) approached me on Discord and asked me a lot of questions about my sexuality and started to hit on me. He engaged in reverse-grooming, which is to say that he lied to me about being 19 years old in order to make me feel comfortable engaging with him as if he were an adult.

Two days after I sent him some suggestive messages, he claimed to be 16 instead. At this point, he deleted the message about being 19. I then continued to talk to him, trying to figure out if someone else had set him up to this. But following me having to ban him from a chat room for rule breaking, he took to Twitter as a "victim" as a form of revenge.‌

The Hector libel is presented with words like "groom", "seduce" etc to imply knowledge of age. But look at the dates on the messages: the suggestive message was sent two days BEFORE the admission of being underage. Yep, these skeevy fuckers bank on you being literally too stupid to read. He couldn't go back and edit the original message either, as "I'm 16 (edited)" wasn't going to cut it for this.


  • On October 27th 2017, I sent Hector a suggestive message.
  • Two days later on October 29th 2017 he admits to being underage.
  • Regardless of any disingenuous narratives that people may post, I assert that I did not know his true age prior to me sending those suggestive messages to him on October 27, 2017. There is no evidence of me knowing his age anywhere prior to me sending the suggestive messages on October 27, 2017. No amount of pedantic handwringing can make up for this lack of evidence, so kindly fuck off with your pet theories.
  • Describing this incident with words like "Groom" and "Seduce" implies knowledge of his true age. So given the above, doing so is demonstrable libel and if I weren't dirt poor, I would sue these fuckers for tarnishing my name.

Closing Thoughts

To prevent any similar situations from ever happening, I have resolved to only engage in roleplay with people that show me their ID, or with people who claim to be 18+ on a public web profile that can be archived through (to prevent age claim redactions). This will protect innocent people in the future, and it will make sure that any new bad actors like Hector get caught lying in a way that they can't talk themselves out of.

We are currently in year 4 of this and nothing other than "this MIGHT have happened" has ever materialized. People frequently ask me to "prove it didn't happen". Asking someone to prove a negative is shifting the burden of proof. This is a logical fallacy. This is not how rational discussion works. Read up on formal debate and stop making your lack of education my problem, please.

That which can be presented without evidence can be dismissed without evidence. This is basic philosophy 101 stuff. So if you insist in engaging in whataboutism to drag on the "is Blum a subhuman that should kill himself?" dialogue as long as possible in spite of this very basic fact, I'm going to assume you're a troll.

Yes, I am skipping over some things, like how he tried this on Twitter first, got cockblocked on Twitter when he admitted to being 16, and tried again with a different name and icon on Discord (only to make the names and icons match after the fact to boost his case). Or that I figured out that he shares his IP address with a known neo-Nazi troll from KiwiFarms (who groomed said minor into doing this). Or that the entire thing was hatched as a plot to stop me from subverting #AltFurry.  Or how the whole thing reeks of an undercurrent of bigotry against ABDL furries with everyone involved thinking "he likes diapers, so he MUST want to fuck kids right?".

These things don't matter, because the core premise has already been shut down. I don't need to assert these things because there's no need to defend myself from unfounded claims for which no definitive evidence exists.

I will block you if you DM me about this topic. No, I'm not going on your shitty stream/podcast/etc to "talk about my innocence". No more entertaining this shit. Fuck this years-long harassment campaign, and fuck anyone that takes it seriously. I have a right to move on with my life so please kindly stop pestering me about this irrelevant, failed #MeToo attempt from 2017.