Gross Altfur Blum

Gross Altfur Blum

This was done by vomitb0yy/Birb. Blumiere/Blum finally became a fursona around this time. I also entered into "altfurry" at this time, with the end goal of embarrassing the hell out of everyone. I could see that woke types were using it to scaremonger for clout, and it had to go. This is also why a lot of Blum's early pics have Nazi imagery in them.

This has Blum with light brown fur on his tummy. I didn't think anything of it, but this wasn't canon at the time.

I don't condone nazism in any way, shape, or form. I only inserted myself into the altfurry thing to work my way up the ranks while being a ticking time bomb of furry cringe. It worked pretty well in the end.

Fun fact: the person who drew this is the partner of BigKK, the former owner of the old Alt-Right Discord server that was connected to Richard Spencer's failed alt-right movement.