Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you start making YouTube videos?

I felt like at the time the only source of routine furry drama news came from a website that doxes people called the Kiwi Farms.

A lot of people are understandably put off by this resource for a number of reasons, so I saw an opportunity to fact check this information while removing private info (in order to discourage harassment). This allows a different audience to appreciate the actually good info that winds up on the Kiwi Farms without supporting that site.

The thing about the Kiwi Farms is that anyone can post there. And while this is actually really good for hosting sensitive information (see the zoosadism investigations), it also means that a lot of libel and vendetta posting will wind up on the site. The peanut gallery commentary can't be taken at face value and the information provided always needs to be evaluated.

What's with the weird diaper/inflatable art?

Over 15 years ago, I was groomed into strange furry fetish stuff on the Furnet IRC network starting when I was only 14. This led to the creation of August Yifu, a bizarre inflatable babyfur fursona that I was doxed and harassed over when I was still a minor.

To this day, people still stalk and harass me over being groomed into weird stuff as a teen. I've come to learn through experience that if I try to move passed it, trolls will only shove it in the faces of everyone around me while acting like they're "exposing" me. So I'm instead very open about it and meme with it pretty much everywhere. No one cares. People think it's funny.

But yes: I still am a bit of a weirdo furry that enjoys art of rubber/inflatable/etc furry + babyfur art. I think it's cute. I'm also something of a troll that likes shocking my friends with weird furry art, so it works out for me to be a weirdo.

What's with the armband?

My armband displays a crossed out MAP (pedophile) symbol. It is meant to symbolize that I am against pedophilia. It's also a good litmus test to see who values clout over child welfare, as such people will call it out regardless of its meaning.

Feel free to add it to your own OC. If you do, I'll add you to the best chatroom on earth! I'd love to bring more awareness to the issue of sexual predators in the furry subculture and I feel that spreading this armband design will help us get there.

Why do you have me blocked on Twitter?

I use a plugin called Red Block to mass-block around 15k accounts that follow a few prime bad apples that love attacking others with their audience (Deo, Foxler, Vex, Carcin, among others).

If this caused you to get blocked and you genuinely are a Blum fan, DM me on Telegram and ask for an unblock with a link to your profile.

I also block people on Twitter if they try to start an argument with me, harass me, or if they reply to me with posts endorsing violence, bigotry etc. I'm not about Twitter's "only bitches block" culture and I'm only there to have a good time.

Are you a neo-Nazi/child molester/heroin dealer/etc?


As I am a dramatuber I frequently get called all kinds of fun things. Sometimes with dubious screencaps taken out of context. Making fun of both far-left and far-right furs also causes this behavior. Furries are an insanely petty and vindictive bunch at times.

This behavior frequently involves pedo accusations as I am an ABDL furry. Everyone loves getting in a cheap shot by exploiting something poorly understood by the masses. It's a form of bigotry. But that's the price I have to pay to make videos calling out idiots.

Don't you make fun of ABDL though?

I used to. I still do ironically sometimes. For a long time, I was in this mindset that made me feel as if I had to claim that it was something I outgrew. Maybe I even thought I did for a while. But I've discovered that self-acceptance is an important part of self-esteem.

I have no intention of bringing it up all the time (lol) since I know it's off-putting to most people. But I also have no desire to hide it at this point. Be yourself! Don't worry about what others think.

Are you homeless?

No. I was homeless for about 4 months starting in January 2020. This was caused by woke furries lying to a former employer of mine and costing me my job in a sparse job market. This eventually led to my savings depleting and me losing my apartment.

But I did what I had to do to get myself out of that situation and move on. This is also why I redacted videos relevant to this from my channel: I didn't want anyone to worry about me still being in that situation.