Clifftop Blum

Clifftop Blum


Probably my favorite piece of altfur-era Blum. I tried to make him look like a Redwall villain here. In lore he's a warmonger that was driven insane by a poisoned blade tearing open his lip and messing with his mind. He was trying to defend his village, but now he's taken over an invading force and is pillaging the countryside. Something like that. I've more or less retconned all that out but that is why Blum has that torn lip.

Note that I do not condone nazism in any way, and this stuff was commissioned as part of a successful subversion op I did a few years ago.

Fun fact: I changed Blum's eye color to blue at the time to match the auth-right section of the political compass. I made August's eyes green for the same reason.