Chat room

Chat room

The chat is on Telegram and it is exclusive. Before attempting to join, please review our rules page and make sure that you're a good fit for us. No minors please!

Join now for as little as $1 a month via my Telegram bot. Alternatively, join a membership tier on my YouTube channel for access if you need to use PayPal (or don't trust the bot).

Why should I join?

The Fren Zone is a laid back, chill environment for Blum fans (not to mention sane anti-woke furs that don't constantly want to worry about being attacked by clout chasers on social media).

We're a close-knit circle that have regular game and movie nights. We strive to be a little patch of sanity in the hell world that is the modern Internet.

Why isn't the chat public?

When you cover furry drama like me, you become a target for all kinds of things. I've had people join my chats to spam illegal pornography (to try and force a Telegram ban), I've had people join my chats on sock-puppet accounts to endorse mass shootings as they happen (to generate callout posts on Twitter)...the list goes on.

I've chosen to opt out troll/grifter harassment by requiring a small fee for access to my chat group. A minor request like this calls out all of that unmedicated schizophrenia for what it is and gets these losers to move on to easier targets.

The result is a chat room that's actually fun to be in. No one hates each other. There's no animosity. We just play games and watch movies together. We tell each other about our day. We have fun together. That's all I've ever wanted out of a chatroom.

Other ways in

  • A piece of gift art will get you in for free.
  • If you draw or commission art of your character with my anti-pedophile armband, you can join the chat for free.
  • As long as there is no bad blood between us, ABDL furs can get in for free. As a member of this especially vulnerable subgroup of the furry subculture, I never want any one of us to be without a friend.
  • If you recently donated $5 or more to my Ko-fi page you can also join up without paying more.

You can DM me for access if any of the above applies to you.