About Blum

About Blum

My name's Blum! I'm a cute wuffer and my friends say that I'm a very good boy.

I am a furry from Canada that makes YouTube videos about furry drama and cringe. I play video games too. Sometimes I yell about politics. I'm also a massive troll that LOVES grossing people out with the weirdest furry art I can find. At heart, I'm just some dude that's always strived to find a way to help people and make them happy through some means. I've come to realize over time that (at least for me) YouTube is the perfect outlet for this.

I was abused a lot growing up, and because of that I struggled a lot socially as a child and teen because I wasn't taught how to form healthy relationships. When I found the furry subculture at age 14, I felt like I finally found a place I fit in. We are a community of misfits and there seems to be an understanding that many of us are a little (or VERY) rough around the edges and need some proper social experience to improve and fit in more with others.

Or at least...that used to be the case before social media grifters normalized unpersoning people over relatively small transgressions in the pursuit of clout. This is highly problematic because people with bad childhoods (not to mention neurodivergent people, or people for which both the former and latter apply) can take much longer than normal to mature socially and may be as many as 10 years behind normal social development in some cases. This is something the community needs to address, but I'm getting off-topic here.

An account that adds people to a social blacklist for being a conservative or libertarian fur. Or interacting with said furs. Or for antisocial posts made any number of years ago. Why would you bring this behavior into a community that struggles with social development? And despite what's written here: they've never processed a single "appeal".

I meme a lot about my past life as an inflatable babyfur named August Yifu. This stuff is the result of me getting groomed into weird fetish material (like diapers and inflation) as a teenager on the Furnet IRC network.

Previous experiences have shown me that trolls will shove this stuff in the faces of my fans if I try to distance myself from my past, so I'm instead open about it and just meme with it instead. No one cares. Most think it's funny. I don't get why people would shame someone for getting groomed into some weird stuff 17 years ago as a teenager but hey I guess being a sped on welfare is a hard thing to cope with (isn't it Josh? :p).

August is also a very good boy. And he's very squeaky. He runs a channel on Telegram called Furry Cringe [18+], which is dedicated to gawking at the weirdest furry pics out there.

In 2017, I slowly joined and took over a nazifur group known as "#AltFurry" for the explicit purpose of de-radicalizing some of its members and shutting it down. I've become an ongoing victim of harassment for doing this both by some remaining nazifurs, and, surprisingly (or perhaps unsurprisingly) by a bunch of Communist furs that are mad that I took their grifting toy away.

This harassment has taken the form matter-of-facting about me being an actual neo-Nazi, harassing my employer to get me fired from my job (which ultimately led to me being homeless for 4 months), to a persistent libel campaign calling me a child molester by de-contextualizing a minor lying to me about their age in DMs. I consider myself very lucky that for every vindictive enemy I've gained over this, I've also gained an invaluable friend.

Here I am depicted on the far left with some very bad people. Bravery and doing the right thing isn't about clout or looking good. It's about reaching out and educating people. Sometimes, you have to put everything on the line to protect a community you love from weirdos trying to destroy it.

DramaHound is my escape from the subversion stuff to just like... move on with my life. Aside from a few PSA videos bringing attention to some of the terrible human beings from the altfur era that made my life hell. I saw some truly abhorrent things and people deserve to know their names.

Anyway: my channel allows me to make content that other people genuinely enjoy. The praise I've received from fans is the most positivity I've ever received in my life and it drives me to do more with my channel. I hope I can continue to entertain people for years to come in spite of the daily harassment I receive from creepy furry radicals (and maybe even make a career out of it eventually). I'm hoping to transition to more positive content eventually.

To the haters: sorry, but, I'm not going anywhere. I've done nothing wrong, and I'll never stop being a furry. No matter what.