I'm an eccentric furry covering the drama and overall weirdness of my favorite subculture.

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Supporters get credit in new videos plus access to an exclusive chat room with monthly events.


One Time:

Please message me for chatroom access after payment.

Chat Room

I have a private chat for long-time friends and people that support my content financially.

At least once a month, we watch a movie together and play some game together online. You may or may not wind up in a video if you game with us.

Please read our rules before trying to join.

Chat Rules:

No minors. Sexually explicit content will appear in this room so we have to prohibit people under 18 years of age from joining. Don't be a social (or legal) liability. Do not endorse IRL violence, nazism/communism, bigotry, pedophilia, bestiality etc in this chat. Do not post any illegal content. No IRL NSFW. IRL porn has the possibility of being underage without us knowing, or being revenge porn without us knowing. So stick to drawings pls. Nothing too extreme. Don't post photos or illustrations of scat, gore, loli/cub porn or other "shock" images like rapid flashing GIFs. Don't be annoying. Don't constantly complain about stuff or antagonize people. Everyone has off-days but the main purpose of this chat is to be positive and have fun.

If you promote violence, post illegal pornography, or do anything else illegal in my chatroom I will remove you immediately and contact proper authorities.