Hey, I'm DramaHound! My friends call me Blum. I'm a gay furry on the Internet that likes video games, pizza, and digital styles!

I'm an eccentric little menace that makes YouTube videos about drama and cringe in the furry subculture.

I'm also a troll at heart and I LOVE freaking out normies for fun. To this end: I like commissioning (and being gifted!) the most bizarre, offensive, and outright cursed furry art possible.

No matter how negative or fucked up: if you make art of me I will post it on my InkBunny account if it doesn't break their rules.

I stream at least once a week on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.

I run the Furry Cringe channel on Telegram. It's full of all kinds of things! Funny, cringe, horrifying, offensive...it's completely random, and you NEVER know what to expect!

I believe in spreading positive cringe appreciation, where there is no hate energy involved and people are just enjoying how silly and wacky furries can be with no harm meant. That said: Furry Cringe calls out immoral stuff from time to time.

I also run FuckingFurries.com as a place for people to post drama news and callout content. Hosting the intel myself helps me vet and organize it ahead of streams and videos.

I have a network of chats for Cool and Based Gay Furries™. We have weekly game and/or movie nights!

I LOVE making new friends so hit me up if you don't value your sanity. :3


My InkBunny account is not for the faint of heart. It contains things that will change you. I will not be held liable or responsible when you inevitably lose your mind gazing upon the cursed, squeaky splendor contained within.

Seriously. This is your last chance. Go back before it's too late.

The chats are on Telegram and they are invite only.

We have separate rooms for general chatter, politics, early drama reporting, and technology.

We have regular game and movie nights that allow everyone to meet each other, too!

These rooms are meant to be a safe environment for sane, genuine people to interact without having to worry about grifters, trolls, and other idiots.

People that regularly contribute content to FuckingFurries.com will be extended an invite to join these chats (via the email on their account).

You can also join by donating $5 or more to help fund my projects. If you donate and want in, read the rules and DM me on Telegram for an invite.

Being a squeaky provocateur on the Internet has its downsides. I can't host an open chat without angry schizos trying to cancel chat members with fake accounts promoting bad takes.

It sucks, but it's expected with our subculture's rampant fragility towards people that go against the grain.

A simple barrier to entry protects my friends and supporters.

No minors. Sexually explicit content will appear in these chats so we have to prohibit people under 18 years of age from joining.

Don't be a social (or legal) liability. Do not post/endorse anything that can be screenshotted to attack chat members on social media (such as IRL violence, extremism, bigotry, pedophilia, bestiality etc. Do not post illegal content.

No IRL sex or nudity. IRL porn has the possibility of being underage without us knowing, or being revenge porn without us knowing. So stick to drawings pls.

Nothing too extreme. Don't post photos or illustrations of scat, gore, loli/cub porn or other "shock" images like rapid flashing GIFs.

Don't be annoying. Don't constantly complain about stuff or antagonize people. Everyone has off-days but the main purpose of these chats is to be positive and have fun.

If you promote violence, post illegal pornography, or do anything else illegal in my chats I will remove you immediately and contact proper authorities.


name: Blum, Blumiere, DramaHound

description: inflatable babyfur wolf that exists just to spite you

pronouns: it/its, squeak/squeakself (lol jk I'm normal)

orientation: homoromantic autosexual

alignment: chaotic horny

- DramaHound YouTube channel (streams/videos about furry drama and cringe)
- fuckingfurries.com (Furry drama reporting board)
- Furry Cringe Telegram channel (eye rape)

stuff: Nintendo games, platformers, JRPGs, roguelikes, deck building games, anime, weird furry art

food: pizza, fried chicken, double caramel Magnum ice cream bars, havarti cheese cubes with ranch dressing on them

drink: Coca Cola, Monster Ultra Paradise, the tears of my enemies

music: symphonic metal, nightcore, video game music

fixations: friends, YouTube videos, diapers, computer hardware, movie nights, sleeping, balloons

other: ironic cringe, trolling, retro gaming, dark humor, corrupting others into a lifetime of degeneracy (so I can offer more souls to the dark lord)

why: Kojima was right and we are in fact here just to suffer


It's not done yet. In the meantime:


Minors DNI please! I will not respond if I think that you are a minor. If you want to engage in NSFW topics with me I require a public statement that you are 18+. A Telegram or Twitter bio is fine for this.

Give me something to respond to. I won't respond to a message that's just "hi" or "hello". How did you find out about me? What did you want to talk about? Is there something that we have in common?

I am aggressively "good vibes only". If you message me with any kind of toxicity, hostility, or confrontation you won't get a reply. I refuse to be anyone's punching bag.
I'm a squeaky little weirdo and I don't care who knows it. as evidenced by this delightfully cursed website. I feel that it's important as a growing content creator that I set the example that it's okay to be uniquely you (as long as you're not hurting anyone!).

I am cursed. No really. I might start rubbing off on you. I don't actually do it intentionally but I tend to be so enthusiastic about my weirdness that I have a fairly high track record of getting furries into weird shit. Sorry in advance!

I won't associate with actual bigots, radicals, or child/animal abusers. I am all for dark humor and edgy jokes and shit but at the end of the day, I really don't want to hang around or make friends with unironic supporters of abuse and/or hate. I am a pacifist and I do not believe in discrimination.

I have some opinions that I won't budge on. I will never take xenogenders and neopronouns seriously for example. I also think that graphics card scalpers should be rounded up and put in camps. Irregardless: I feel that it's REALLY important that anyone I invest time into getting to know has the capacity to AGREE TO DISAGREE on things.

I am (was?) a very controversial balloon. I've been called everything under the sun for trying to make the fandom a better place. Furries can be insane, vindictive assholes sometimes. I'm more about inflation than infiltration these days, though. I learned my lesson.

wow looks like someone just lost the game


These are a list of old topics that are popular targets for cope-spiracy theories spread by insane people. I like being transparent about them for the sake of combating misinformation.

I usually ignore requests for further discussion on these topics because history has shown me that the only people who actually care about this stuff are the trolls/radicals themselves.


During 2017-2019, under deep cover I joined, took over, and shut down a large nazifur group called #AltFurry while de-radicalizing many people. This is denied not only by many grifters that wish to take credit for my work, but angry Communists that wanted the nazifur group to exist (as it made excellent scaremongering and recruitment material for them).

As it is necessary to act like a bigot in order to to take over a group of bigots (so that they'll actually listen to you), you'll find people challenging my sincerity by de-contextualizing instances of me saying bigoted things for the purposes of taking over the #AltFurry group. They do this on social media where I'm conveniently blocked and unable to comment or challenge their claims about me.

Some Antifa furs weren't satisfied by simply lying about me. Some went as far as getting me de-jobbed...over shutting down a hate group...by harassing my employer daily, telling them that a "neo nazi child molester" works for them. As savings depleted and the job market was tight, this ultimately led to me being made homeless for 4 months in early 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic (which made shelter conditions exponentially more stressful). It took me over a year to stop having daily panic attacks once I finally got out of the shelter system.


Due to the above, a nazifur living in Ontario named Sebastian Petrenyi decided to exploit a minor called Hector in 2017 as part of a scheme to encourage me to kill myself. He used Hector to try and convince others that I am a child groomer. This is known as the Hector libel. Sebastian convinced this minor to come on to me sexually via Discord while lying about his age. Hector then came forward as a victim when I, unaware of his true age, responded to his advances with a suggestive message on October 27, 2017.

Despite the best efforts of Sebastian and others to suicide bait me with this monthly for years by casually matter-of-facting about this being a "clear-cut case of child grooming" as often as Twitter will pay attention, they screwed up: no evidence of me knowing Hector's age explicitly before I sent the suggestive message actually exists, as I didn't know. This is why you will be attacked if you question the discrepancies in the time stamps of the associated logs.

To spell it out more plainly for the confused: you need to know that someone is a minor in order to deliberately groom them. The log with the suggestive message shows as delivered on October 27, 2017 with no specific time. To show that I definitely knew the age beforehand, you would need to show a log of me knowing on October 26, 2017 or earlier. It does not exist. If it did, it wouldn't take over 3 years for it to materialize.


In 2019, I was able to connect with someone I had admired my whole life: Near, the furry responsible for a lot of amazing things like the bsnes and higan emulators. We bonded over being targets of a certain troll community. I told him the real name of the person that started his thread (which helped him confront the "friend" who wrote it). I also gave him tips for dealing with the abuse.

Unfortunately, he took his own life in 2021 due to the continued harassment. I often wish I would've crossed paths with him earlier so I could've helped him more, but it isn't sensible to blame myself for this. I get a lot of messages from weirdos asking me to "debate" them on whether or not he's "actually dead" or whether his cremated remains (that someone closer to him posted online) "are real", etc.

It's some really bizarre schizo coping by the community that got him to take his life, as far as I can tell). I do not respond to any enquiries about Near.


I love making new victims friends! Chat me up or send me stuff to cover on stream or whatever.

I am mostly active on Telegram. I do not use Discord or Twitter anymore and I will not use them for you.