Bizarre squeaky furtuber that likes drama, politics, cringe, and vidya.


I run the fuckingfurries.com forum to host any and all drama-related content that I talk about on my channel (as of Summer 2021).

This allows sensitive content to be hosted without risking account suspensions that are common on social media (and without normalizing the doxing, libel, and bigotry of certain other drama boards).

Feel free to make threads on this website if you would like me to talk about content. Follow the site's rules or your content may get rejected.

This website is not suitable for minors.


In 2017, a Canadian neo-nazi named Sebastian Petrenyi started a libel campaign against me.

He did this by grooming a minor called Hector to hit on me while lying about his age. After Hector deleted his "I'm 19" message and slipped in a "I'm 16" message, he came forward as a 'victim' on social media with logs of our messages.

Despite the claims, the "I'm 16" message was sent two days after the problematic exchange in these logs, most likely because "I'm 16 (edited)" would have been too obvious of a manipulation.

No logs of me knowing this person's age explicitly before the problematic exchange exist, because I was unaware of his real age. No amount of disingenuous hand-wringing can change this simple, factual reality.

Sebastian organized this because he wants all ABDL to kill themselves. Others perpetuate this libel because they too hate my ABDL status (or videos, art, politics etc) enough to encourage suicide.


I run the "Furry Cringe" Telegram channel. It is full of memes, cringe, and other extremely horrififying furry things. It's an amazing resource to find images to shock your BFF with for fun.

99% of the stuff I post is in good fun and no harm is meant. Heck, I'm no stranger to posting myself on there. But very occasionally, I will spread awareness about genuinely awful stuff.

It takes some nuance to understand, but in general: please don't hate on anyone depicted. Just appreciate what makes them...unique.

This content is not suitable for minors.


I host my artwork on InkBunny, the only furry art site that respects artistic freedom to a degree that satisfies me.

My gallery contains a lot of artwork depicting unusual sexual fetishes, and very rarely, nudity and sexually explicit scenes.

This content is not suitable for minors.

The Fren Zone is a series of community chats for my long-time friends and people that support my content financially.

This allows for quality, good-faith interactions with cool furries in an environment where everyone cares about each other in a way that has proven to be impossible with public chats due to trolls and grifters.

Here are the available rooms:

General: The main chat. It tends to be the accepted place for more nonsense/NSFW posting while the other rooms are more focused.

Tech/Gaming: Mostly chatting about computer hardware and the latest games. A better place to be more technical.

Politics: A place to get mad about stupid shit happening in the real world. We have a wide array of opinions but are anti-authoritarian as a rule.

Drama Reporting: Mainly a place for people to dump URLs to shit that's happened. Please use archive.is before sharing. Sometimes we try to figure out what's going on to better explain a thing.

At least once a month, we watch a movie together and/or play some game together online. You may or may not wind up in a video if you game with us.

This is a welcoming community that is always eager to meet new faces. Come chill!


No minors. Sexually explicit content sometimes appears in Fren Zone chats so we have to prohibit people under 18 years of age from joining. Don't be a social (or legal) liability. Do not endorse IRL violence, nazism/communism, unironic bigotry, pedophilia, bestiality etc in Fren Zone chats. Do not post any illegal content. No IRL NSFW. IRL porn has the possibility of being underage without us knowing, or being revenge porn without us knowing. So stick to drawings pls. Nothing too extreme. Don't post photos or illustrations of scat, gore, loli/cub porn or other "shock" images like rapid flashing GIFs. Don't be annoying. Don't constantly complain about stuff or antagonize people. Everyone has off-days but the main purpose of this chat is to be positive and have fun.

The fine print:

Supporting me does not guarantee Fren Zone membership. I may decline to add you to the Fren Zone for any reason, such as bad blood existing between us or me believing that you are a troll. You are required to follow all rules to participate. Failure to do so may result in your sudden removal. If you promote violence, post illegal pornography, or do anything else illegal in my Fren Zone chats I will remove you immediately and contact proper authorities.


Before You Interact:

18+ only please. No negativity, kink-shaming or one-word greetings. If you DM me with "hi" or random insults/complaints/demands I will not respond. No predators/extremists. I will not respond to alt-right/antifa/communist/pedo/zoo people (or to any messages that endorse this behavior).

I only use Discord for my non-furry username. I don't give that out to furries or people that know me as Blum/DramaHound (and vice versa). No, I will not make a second account for furry stuff.