I make YouTube videos about drama and cringe in the furry subculture. I also maintain a Telegram channel documenting the worst furry eye bleach known to man.

I run chat rooms for both of these things. Come chill and embrace the worst of the furry subculture with us.

Watch my videos

I upload in a few different places. Watch for free or help support independent exceptionalism over SubscribeStar.

twitter dot com

I have a main account for bad takes and an art account for the art I commission (plus the terrible things people gift me through no fault of my own, as I am not a degenerate).

horrifying "artwork" (18+)

I put the artwork I commission (and the strange things that people gift me for no apparent reason, as I am not a degenerate) on a few different places.

telegram stuff

I run a couple of chats and have a few channels on there. The SFW channel tends to focus more on serious topics like politics, while the NSFW focuses more on gross furry art.


chat rooms